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Yeah, that type of person……


Yeah, that type of person……

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asked by anon | swanthief + rumple/milah parallels




painful but true parallels and I can’t help but think, this is done for a reason.  neither side can claim that Rumple and Milah were true loves because they weren’t. Rumple’s true love is Belle, and remember guys, true love creates happiness.  neither situation, Milah leaving Rumple and Neal leaving Emma made their significant other happy. 

Rumple’s life further spiraled out of control and Emma’s life was basically ruined after Neal left.  And when she saw him again in Neverland, her dark secret was…that she wished that he was dead because it would be easier for her to move on then to face all the pain all over again

And what did Milah say to Rumple? That she wished he had fought in the ogre wars, wishes that he had died because it would be easier for her to move on and start over. 

Both Milah and Neal also made statements invalidating their former relationships. Milah denied having ever loved Rumple, and Neal told Emma that he would never have gone near her if he had known who she really was.

Both Neal and Milah abandoned someone who was dependent on them, and deception was involved to cover-up their true motives for leaving (a worse reason was implied—that Milah had been abducted by pirates, and that Neal had deliberately set Emma up to take the fall for his crimes from the start).

Milah never knew that her son had been abandoned by his father and he was all alone in the a different world. Neal never knew he had a son, and that Emma had been forced to put him up for adoption.

The parallels keep coming. I dare say their manner of death will be similar too.

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Tag Game

I was tagged by cumberbabekarin (:


1. Always post the rules.

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1. Who is your favorite singer at the moment? hmm I don’t really have a favorite singer per se, however, I do have a favorite band. My favorite bands are Simple Plan, One Direction, and 5 Seconds of Summer (:

2. Describe 3 of your most favorite hobbies. I would have to say I only have one hobby at the moment, which is reading. Currently, I am reading Beautiful Darkness before continuing the Divergent series by reading Insurgent.

3. Do you have a musical instrument you play? If so, what instrument and what level are you? No, but I want to learn to play the guitar (:

4. With a possible chance, is there a url that your would want which is already taken? Fortunately, no (:

5. Do you have a favorite shirt you would always wear? If so, what colour? Well I haven’t worn it yet but it’s my new 5sos shirt I got from the One Direction concert yesterday (Niall’s birthday) :D

6. What colour are your walls? If your could paint your walls any colour you wanted, would you change them or what colour would it be? They are white but if I could paint em, I would probably paint them teal, red, dark blue, light yellow, or lavender.

7. What’s the first fandom you ever joined? My first fandom? like when I was little? Probably Power rangers. I was obsessed with them when I was only like 3/4 years old. If you mean when I’m older, I would say Vampire Diaries.

8. List your top 5 OTPs. Captain Swan, Destiel, Stydia, Delena, and FourTris

9. List your top 5 nOTPs. Elounor, Stelena(they’re better as friends), and I can’t think of any others.

10. Do you like anime/manga? If so, list your top 5 all time favorites. Nope

11. What hair type are you? Would you change your hair type if you could? Hair type? Umm I have dyed, thin, straight, slightly passed shoulder length hair. Yes, I would change my hair to be natural colored, thick, wavy, and the same length.


1. Do you have a favorite band? If so, who and why?

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3. Favorite drink?

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5. Favorite food?

6. Favorite book?

7. Favorite candy?

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9. Have you ever been to a concert? If so, how many and who?

10. What is your best memory?

11. Any siblings? If so, how many? Brothers or sisters?

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A story told in 5 colors. - Castiel pulling Dean out of Hell.

This is beautiful!



A story told in 5 colors. - Castiel pulling Dean out of Hell.

This is beautiful!

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Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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I have this problem where ‘the other day’ for me ranges from yesterday to around 5 years ago

and ‘a friend of mine’ is literally anybody i’ve ever heard of who’s opinion i like

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cards against humanity / supernatural edition 

requested by anon

[sherlock edition] [thor edition]

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[New Season Four Poster]


[New Season Four Poster]

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